BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Dates, Pre-Order Dates, and Early Display Photo

It appears that some leaky ladies or gentlemen have stepped up to Engadget and shared with them some booty with a double "B" attached. In the images you see below, you'll see both a tiny display showing the BlackBerry PlayBook in a Future Shop in Canada with a very incorrect header (Motorola XOOM) and a few details on multitasking. This ad notes "it's what's on the inside that counts," making us feel like it might have gotten dropped as a child. On the other hand, we WOULD like to get our hands on this sassy little number, so we're grateful for any updates on when it'll actually be in our claws for tapping.

One other other images you see below features a Sears one-sheet that says the "Playbook," as they call it, will be available for pre-order on March 12 and will be shipping by April 10. Also they mention Baby Days, but I don't think we care so much about that. There's another image in the gallery that was sent to someone on Crackberry saying that there'll be a 33-day countdown starting on the 15th of this month – that means April 17th. Engadget again notes that their super sekret tip from a Sprint representative notes a 15th of April release date and some bonus treats.

These bonus treats include several cases and a stylus. A stylus, you say? Yes indeed, we were also tipped just yesterday as to the same exact rumor – a pen that'd be working with the tablet the day it came out. We didn't think much of it until now – heck, two rumors? That's basically fact. Take a peek at the several instances of BB goodness in the gallery below: