BlackBerry nabs two Android domain names

Following leaks and rumors, BlackBerry made its Android ambitions public yesterday, saying it has teamed up with Google to bring a more secure version of Android to the market. We've seen at least one device leak already reportedly showing a BlackBerry handset running Android. Whether that is legit is yet to be seen, but two more pieces of BlackBerry's Android puzzle have surfaced. The company has nabbed two domain names, both of which revolve around the Android operating system.

So far two smartphones have leaked, one that is codenamed Venice, and both are reportedly running the Android operating system. Whether these turn out to be actual BlackBerry + Android smartphones is yet to be seen, but the recent Android announcements make the possibility seem a little more real.

Yesterday BlackBerry announced that it will be bringing its security features to Android via Lollipop and Google Play for Work. This comes after many months of developing and pushing its own BlackBerry 10 OS — a monumental flop compared to its grand ambitions.

Joining the mix are two domain names that have been bought by BlackBerry: and, both of which point back to yesterday's announcement. BlackBerry was vague about the purchase, saying in part in a statement that "Android is an important part of our cross-platform enterprise software strategy."

SOURCE: Reuters