BlackBerry Milan next-gen BlackBerry 10 slider leaked

What we're looking at here is the first image of the BlackBerry Milan, a slide-up QWERTY keyboard revealing BBX (aka BlackBerry 10) device that shows the future of RIM-made smartphones in several clearly new features both in image and in rumor surrounding the device. The image is from CrackBerry where writer Kevin Michaluk notes he also has a set of tips on the device that make it a good indicator of what's to come from RIM in 2012. Rounded corners looking like the PlayBook and a higher density pixel array through the display are but two of the innovations coming down the chute.

On the bottom of the device you'll find slightly sharper corners looking much more like what we've heard about the "BlackBerry London" and the whole device is set to rack up what very much appears to be the tallest smartphone on earth award — though they might be in contention with the Samsung W999 clamshell – watch out for the taller than pockets smartphones of the future! The absurdity doesn't stop there, with a complete absence of the trackpad that BlackBerry users still call their own unique love and no BB menu button set to speak of – is this an Android ICS device? No, just BB 10.

You can expect some bezel gestures in your near future, one-handed actions making your BlackBerry experience much closer to what iPhone users have had for years now. Your touchscreen will be much more of a king than it's been in the past, with such disasters as the original Storm long behind us, we can continue forward with such gems as this monster we're seeing here. On the other hand, this could be just what the doctor ordered for BlackBerry, long mired by less than perfect touchscreen experiences and smaller than acceptable displays. Look like something you'll be picking up in the next year?

[via CrackBerry]