Samsung W999 Android clamshell official, like a GSII with a gigantic keypad

When it comes to releasing a variety of devices that center around a hero, enough devices to stuff an elephant with, so many devices that there's no way on earth you'll not be able to find the one that fits your desires PERFECTLY, Samsung has you covered – and with the W999 dual-screen clamshell dual-core Android, even the strangest businessmen will have what they want. You've got two OLED 3.5-inch displays, both of them at 800 x 480 pixel resolution, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor under the hood along with Gingerbread, and it'll cost you something like 10,000 yuan (US $1,570) in its launch country of China – clearly aiming at rich businessmen with massive fingers.

Sound like a great deal for you, all you retro flip-out lovers? How about those of you that loved your RAZR but are so very saddened by the fact that the newest edition doesn't have any flips to speak of? Everyone should be able to appreciate this: the screen on this W999 unit not only flips up and out, it flips back so you can set it up like a tent! How strange is that? Set it up like an action figure seat, fold it closed for a fat-fat handheld with on-screen buttons, or have it folded all the way out for the tallest smartphone in the world!

Have a peek at this promo video to see how fabulous the experience is going to be if Samsung delivers the magic how they say they will. If you're actually in China and want to pick this device up before it comes over to the states, you'll be working with GSM and CDMA2000 network for China Telecom. Also if we do end up seeing this device hit the states, I'll eat my hat. With a display that size and that processor under the hood (we must assume its the same Exynos as the Galaxy S II) we're expecting some earth-shattering benchmarks across the board – maybe.

[via MICGadget]