BlackBerry KEYone in all black is coming to AT&T

JC Torres - Aug 24, 2017, 8:19pm CDT
BlackBerry KEYone in all black is coming to AT&T

Dreams apparently do come true. At least if you’re part of the subset of BlackBerry faithful under AT&T’s network. Earlier this month, a much-desired all black limited edition of the BlackBerry KEYone was launched exclusively in India, though there were whispers it might not be limited to the subcontinent for long. Lo and behold, AT&T has just announced that the BlackBerry KEYone will be making its way to its shelves, ending Sprint’s exclusive hold on the device. And guess what? It’s all black too!

It’s really just a matter of taste. The original BlackBerry KEYone was mostly black already but did have some silver accents, particularly at the top of the smartphone. There is none of that here and the only not-black parts of this KEYone is the screen and the backlight under the keys.

Fortunately, that’s also the only difference between the two. In everything else, AT&T’s BlackBerry KEYone is exactly identical with Sprint’s. So unless you really, really want that all-black coating, there’s no reason to be jealous over the previous variant.

That means you still get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 4.5-inch “almost” Full HD screen, BlackBerry’s world-famous QWERTY keyboard, which now doubles as a touchpad as well. AT&T isn’t saying whether its all black KEYone will have more than the 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage that the regular KEYone does. Chances are it will.

The carrier isn’t yet saying much about the retail price of its BlackBerry KEYone other than being available on AT&T Next for $16.67 in 30 monthly payments. The smartphone officially launches September 1st.


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