BlackBerry gets Good in $425m cross-platform play

Today BlackBerry acquired another company by the name of Good Technology. This company will bring "secure applications" as well as "containerization that protects end user privacy" – adding to BlackBerry's already business-oriented set of technologies for smartphones. This update to BlackBerry's collection of technologies will help offer cross-platform EMM solutions for consumers around the world. This isn't just about BlackBerry OS, it's about all sorts of different operating systems, including iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

BlackBerry suggested today that Good's technology will integrate into the company's enterprise portfolio and trusted global network. They'll work to push "seamless integration of capabilities" between apps such as the following: BBM, WatchDox, and Good Work. "Our trusted Good solutions will also help BlackBerry to accelerate its Internet of Things platform for managing endpoints beyond mobile devices," said Christy Wyatt, Good Chairman and CEO.

Good works with multi-OS management for businesses, suggesting they have "64 percent of activations from iOS devices, followed by a broad Android and Windows customer base." That's according to a Good, Mobility Index Report Q2 2015 quoted in the acquisition report on Marketwired.

Good is currently in service to more than 6,200 organizations for device use in the workplace. They suggest that this pack of organizations includes "more than half of the Fortune 100, all of the Fortune 100 commercial banks, aerospace and defense firms, and leaders across healthcare, manufacturing and retail."