BlackBerry A10 back cover revealed in images

Earlier this week, we saw the BlackBerry A10's specs leak alongside the BlackBerry 9720, the first of which is a reboot of the currently available Z10 handset. The following day, someone leaked an image of the front of the A10, as well as a screenshot of the system screen. Now the folks over at Tinh te have nabbed some pictures of the handset's back cover.

There are four images of what is said to be the back of the BlackBerry A10, the rest of which you can see in the gallery below. This in addition to the leaked image of the front of the device, which was sent to the folks over at BGR and visible below. Combined, we get a good idea where BlackBerry is heading with its reboot of the A10, something it is reportedly aiming towards gaming and power.

According to BGR, which first leaked an image of the handset, this version is more refined and finished than the Z10 handset, with the entire handset being more rounded in nature than what you'll find with some of the company's other recent handsets. What we see in these images is in line with what was reported about the back of the device (with it being similar to the Q10), of which we're now seeing it for the first time.

The specifications leak has the BlackBerry A10 pegged with a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720. Inside, users will reportedly find a dual-core processor and a separate graphics chip, which is something that deviates away from BlackBerry's typical usage of integrated chips in its more recent smartphones. This is along with 2GB of RAM.

In the images from this leak, we see an AT&T logo on the back over of the device serving as a pretty strong hint that the handset will be cropping up the carrier in the future. That's the extent of what we know about the handset right now, but at the rate of the A10 leaks, we'll be keeping an eye out for more information as it surfaces.

SOURCE: Tinh te