BlackBerry A10 and 9720 lead for 2013: reboots the both of them

It's back to basics for BlackBerry in a set of devices revealed – or re-revealed, depending on how versed in the dark art of leaks you are – to be headed for a bit of a reboot of both the Q10 and the Z10 for 2013. The devices at hand are the BlackBerry A10 and 9720, both of which are being detailed this week.

What you've got with the A10 is a new larger version of what was delivered with the Z10 earlier this year. The A10 goes by code-name Aristo and is made to be a touchscreen machine with focus on power and gaming. It's been suggested to BGR, along with details of the other handset at hand, that the A10 will have a "much more refined fit and finish" than the Z10.

This device is suggested to be taking on a bit more unique angle than the previous releases with BlackBerry, going with a separate GPU and CPU instead of the current integrated chip solution they employ at the moment. What this means for Qualcomm and NVIDIA should be clear, if said suggestion is true: BlackBerry is out.

That said, it's tipped that the A10 will be working with 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor while, at the moment, BlackBerry 10 is not prepared for a quad-core structure. Or at least they'd not be able to make full use of any more than a couple cores at this stage.

Meanwhile the BlackBerry 9720 is a reboot of the Q10, but better yet, it looks essentially nothing like this first-wave entry into the BlackBerry 10 environment. Instead the 9720 is more of a reboot of the BlackBerry 9700 in style, made much more a 2013 look to match up with the rest of the BlackBerry 10 family. The following images are provided by the same tipster speaking to BGR above, here showing the 9720 in all its glory.

Look like a good full set of devices for the company through the rest of the year? How does this make you feel as a legacy user of BlackBerry devices?