BlackBerry 9800 slider video demos: OS 6, browser & media menu

The more we see RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 9800 touchscreen slider, the more impressed we are.  In the latest batch of videos to sneak out to Salomondrin, the 9800 demonstrates its BlackBerry OS 6 media and browser credentials, making short work of not only the previous browser but what you'll find on the iPhone and Android devices.Video demos after the cut

There's also a nifty overview of OS 6 itself, just in case RIM's two official preview videos haven't been sufficient to sate your curiosity.  We're most interested in the browser, frankly, which scores significantly higher in various online compliance tests – such as HTML5 – than rival browsers on iOS and Android.

BlackBerry OS 6 overview:

BlackBerry OS 6 Browser:

BlackBerry OS 6 Media Menu: