BlackBerry 10 phones reset 'laser focus'

Fans of the BlackBerry phone this week should be at least somewhat reassured that their beloved smartphone interface will be around for the future, certainly if RIM chief executive Thorsten Heins has anything to say about it. In videos presented this week on the platform that'll bring the Research in Motion smartphone operating system back to it's roots with future-seeking intent, BlackBerry 10 is the companies current best hope. What you'll see here is BlackBerry attempting to keep up with Android and the iPhone's iOS whilst remaining true to its roots enough to please those still loyal to the brand.

Three main points can be see here in the video below – one of them being the keyboard, another the voice call answering interface, and a third the ease in interacting with larger screens from the smartphone. Each of these features have been addressed several times over by the competition, but together they may have a chance at impressing those who need impressions made on them to keep this brand alive.

As Heins said this week on the subject, BlackBerry was "not focused" as it should have been here in the start of 2012 and for the past couple of years for that matter. Can BlackBerry 10 impress with what Heins calls "laser-focused" operating system features? Have a peek at the timeline below to see what RIM has presented thus far on BlackBerry 10 as it pops up here for the summer. We simply must see this software come out with a win if RIM is expected to survive through the winter – we must!

[via WSJ]