BlackBerry 10 continues slow grind to relevance as Skype finally incoming

BlackBerry continues to slide out of relevance for virtually all smartphone users as competing devices gain popularity. One of the big issues for people who still like BlackBerry devices is that there are so few developers producing apps for the BlackBerry devices that it can take a very long time for BlackBerry fans to get their hands on new applications. These apps have been available on other smart devices for years in some cases.

Such is the case with the good news that BlackBerry has announced this week. BlackBerry announced on Wednesday that the Skype application is finally hitting BlackBerry 10 devices. Skype is hardly a new service having had applications for Apple and Android users for a very long time.

Skype will allow BlackBerry users to place voice over phone calls and chat with their contacts right from their BlackBerry device. BlackBerry says that the Skype application will be available on its new Q10 smartphone on the day the smartphone launches. The Q10 will be available in Canada on May 1.

An exact launch date for that smartphone in the US hasn't been offered, but BlackBerry has said it will be available for US fans by the end of May. The Q10 is the second BlackBerry device running the company's new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The first was the BlackBerry Z10, which we reviewed back in February.

[via Reuters]