BlackBerry 10 app submissions open today

In a move that essentially means RIM is ready for business, BlackBerry App World has begun accepting submissions of BlackBerry 10 optimized apps today. This event marks one of the more important steps that must be taken before BlackBerry 10 may be released in the real world, and RIM is projecting themselves as a group that's ready and willing to start this engine with a bang. The announcement includes suggestions for developers to get in early so that their app may be featured in the first wave of "preferred carousel placements" at the launch of the operating system in early 2013.

Of course this event doesn't definitely reveal the final date that BlackBerry 10 will hit the market, but it's nearly as good when it comes to being a developer. If you plan on dedicating yourself to the BlackBerry universe, you'll have already made plans to get in on this touch-heavy operating system update in BlackBerry 10. If you're ready, now's the time to jump in head-first.

Included in this update is a new set of options in the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal, that being both a new Family called "BlackBerry 10" and a new device called "All Touch." You'll want to select these both if you're sending out the good faith in a new app for the futuristic operating system coming early next year. You'll have also been using the Beta3 Develop SDK launched just this September 27th if you want to do this all correctly.

Also of interest for those of you not intimately familiar with the BlackBerry universe – this submission portal also once again reminds us that the BlackBerry PlayBook will likely continue to work with its own separate operating system made specifically for its unique tablet size. At this time there are no public plans for another BlackBerry tablet other than the PlayBook – though with touch-heavy excellence on the horizon, there's always the possibility.

[via BlackBerry Devblog]