Black XBox 360 delivers HDMI

My friends send me "funny" photos of animals pooping inappropriately.  Gear Live's friends send them photos of the much-rumoured black XBox 360, in fact they've had two independent tip-offs from internal sources at Microsoft.  The first was a confidential box-art design, revealing this new incarnation to have three USB 2.0 ports and, more interestingly, a HDMI socket, while the second was this little beauty:


Considering the two images match, they're leaning toward believing it to be real.  I wonder if this will be as "limited edition" as the silver PS2 was – there never seemed to be any shortage of them in any shop I went into, once again proving that there's more marketing than exclusivity in the word "limited".

Confirmed?: Xbox 360 Limited Edition Black Box Art [Gear Live]