Black Nintendo Wii Could be Coming to the States After All

Evan Selleck - Apr 27, 2010
Black Nintendo Wii Could be Coming to the States After All

When the black Nintendo Wii was announced for Japan last year, it was one of the most hotly anticipated pieces of technology here in the States, at least for a few months. That probably wavered, a lot, when a month after that announcement, Nintendo came forward and revealed that the coveted piece of tech wouldn’t be coming to the United States. It only got worse when European “limited edition” models started showing up in Europe near the holiday season, but there was still no US launch date. Well, things may be changing for the better.

Not that we don’t love our black Nintendo Wii accessories, we’d much prefer to have them match our console. So, if these latest rumors are true, consider us pleasantly surprised (and pleased). Those rumors consist of a bundled package: a Black Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports Resort that’s apparently headed to retail stores next month. May 9th, to be exact. And, for our Canadian readers: May 23rd for you.

Good news, right? Well, don’t get too eager quite yet. When Kotaku tried to get in touch with Nintendo, they didn’t respond to the rumor (no surprise there). As for the bundle itself, it apparently comes with a copy of the game, the standard “in the box” stuff, along with a Wii Motion Plus add-on. The retail shops are saying that it’s going to be pegged at $199.99 when it launches. Not a bad price at all. Not that if you see this black beauty in the stores, you’ll even look at the price, right?

[via Kotaku]

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