BitTorrent Sync Android app arrives as cloud-less Dropbox alternative

Cloud storage is great and all, but with so many concerns about privacy, some people just can't trust companies with their personal files. BitTorrent Sync looks to solve such a dilemma with a new app launching for Android devices that offers a cloud-like storage system without the cloud. The app entered public beta today with the launch of the Android app.

BitTorrent Sync aims to be a cloud-like storage solution that allows you to sync files across multiple devices, but the files aren't stored in the cloud. Instead, they're stored locally on all of your devices, and when changes are made to files, or if you delete or add files, all of your devices will update with the changes when connected to the internet.

Better yet, your files never pass through a server when shared, and the transfers are always encrypted. The service relies on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol in order to sync all of your documents, photos, videos, music, etc., but the data never travels through someone else's computer. This also allows no restrictions on storage limits other than the storage space your devices have available.

Sync was first introduced back in January as a pre-alpha project, and since then, it has changed dramatically thanks to user feedback. Perhaps the best part is that the service is completely free, no matter how much storage space you use up, making this quite an appealing offer for cloud storage fans.

While BitTorrent Sync is only available on Android as far as mobile platforms go, the company is currently working on an iOS version as well. Furthermore, the service includes a feature called SyncArchive, which is a folder inside of Sync that gives you access to archives of previous versions of your synced files.

VIA: Android Community

SOURCE: BitTorrent Blog