BitTorrent Originals TV shows inbound from Rapid Eye Studios

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 12, 2015, 7:10am CST
BitTorrent Originals TV shows inbound from Rapid Eye Studios

Netflix isn’t the only company looking to produce original television shows for an increasingly digital audience. Yesterday BitTorrent announced that it has partnered with Rapid Eye Studios, and that together they will be launching new BitTorrent Originals via its BitTorrent Bundle platform. The original TV content will be first available exclusively through BitTorrent Bundles, later opening up to other distribution options, including things like DVDs and other services. This follows BitTorrent Bundle’s unveiling back in 2014, and opens another avenue to content creators.

Though it doesn’t share the same level of popularity as Netflix and similar services, BitTorrent Bundle has proven a solid option for content creators — in excess of 10,000 publishers have gotten on board with the platform, and a couple million legal bits of content have been made available to the service’s millions of users.

BitTorrent enjoys a massive user base, which gives it a boost over competing services — should BitTorrent Bundle become more popularly known, it could end up as a force to be reckoned with. Under this current partnership, Rapid Eye Studios’ productions will be made exclusively available for a month or two, after which the creator is free to hawk it elsewhere.

That’s a big change over how Netflix has chosen to proceed with its original series, which keeps the content exclusive to its own platform. This could prove a big incentive for content creators, leaving them with options outside of Bundle that is made more attractive by the platform giving 90% of profit on the content to its creators.

SOURCE: VentureBeat

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