BitTorrent reveals Bundle paygates: a bid to fund content creation

BitTorrent is expanding upon its Bundle efforts with "paygates", a newly announced paywall that will give creators the option to charge for their digital wares. To fuel this, Rapid Eye Studios will launch an original series on Bundle called Children of the Machine, which it hopes to fund solely through Bundle.

The paygates will be added to BitTorrent Bundle some time in the near future, with Rapid Eye Studios launching the pilot episode for its planned series later on in the fall. After launching the pilot episode, the studio hopes to have a minimum of 250,000 subscribers pay for the series in advanced, which will give it the funding needed to produce the first season.

"We hope that audiences will respond, and use the BitTorrent Bundle paygate to fund the next eight episodes," said Marco Weber, co-creator of Children of the Machine. Paying for the season will come with the price tag of $9.95, according to The New York Times; if less than 250,000 people shell out for the season, it will be nixed.

Weber co-wrote the pilot with writer Jeff Stockwell. The series concerns a "not-so-distant future" that revolves around technology and "the impact of the digital culture", with hints being dropped that not only humans populate this science fiction world.

What are your thoughts? Would you be willing to pay for an entire series based only on a pilot episode?

SOURCE: BitTorrent Blog