BitTorrent expanding publishing project beyond Madonna

We got a first look at the BitTorrent Bundle back in May when it was introduced as a new file format for content creators. Basically, this Bundle will allow those creators to package several items together for free with additional items being available for those who move forward and unlock it. We recently got a look at a BitTorrent Bundle in action when Madonna offered the secretprojectrevolution Bundle.

Well, while the Bundle is still listed as being available only as a closed beta, it looks like the process has expanded beyond Madonna. New partners include Cinedigm, Gravitas Ventures, FADER, The Collective, Topspin, Interloper Films, Converge Studios and Tim Ferriss. The content will vary from creator to creator, however the folks at BitTorrent have labeled this initial launch group as being creators, crazy-smart people and test-drivers.

The Madonna Bundle included some trailers and still images as the initial portion with the ability to move forward and unlock an HD version of the movie along with a VICE interview and message from Madonna. Tim Ferriss has called the BitTorrent Bundle "one of the biggest innovations in media distribution of our generation." And to that point, the folks at BitTorrent have said that since May they have had more than 18 million Bundle downloads.

While this appears to be a good way for users to get content, there is also a flip side. The creators are also able to use the Bundle to collect information. For example, one of the ways to unlock the extra Bundle content is to trade your email address. For this, it was said that the Bundle downloads have helped collect more than 600,000 email leads.

Otherwise, while we have yet to see any timeline as to when the Bundle will move past the closed alpha stage, the folks at BitTorrent have offered a first look which includes some screenshots of the process. Those are all included in a gallery at the bottom of this post and aside from that, it was said these Bundle packages make "direct-to-fan distribution simple" and that you can reach 170 million BitTorrent fans around the world.

VIA: BitTorrent Blog