BitTorrent introduces new file format for content creators

BitTorrent has been moving its way up in the world as far as introducing new features and services, and today's announcement goes right along with that. The company announced a new file format called Bundle, which will allow content creators to require users to pay or register an account before downloading the torrent.

Essentially, a Bundle consists of a couple of free pieces of content, whether it'd be a song, video, trailer, etc. However, in order to unlock more content within the Bundle, you have to pay (or at least submit an email address) for the bonuses to unlock. This could be a full-length album or a full movie where the trailer is the free part.

BitTorrent Bundle is in its alpha stages, so its way off from being a final product, but you can already try it out for yourself with the first Bundle being released today from BitTorrent, which is a promo for "Kaskade's Freaks of Nature" DVD. In this case, the Bundle consists of a free song and trailer for the DVD, but if you submit your email address, it'll unlock some sweet concert footage and "an exclusive digital tour booklet."

Hopefully this move will make content creators less scared of BitTorrent and more willing to take advantage of the torrenting community. Plus, a method like this could cut down on piracy, as BitTorrent is actively seeking ways to come up with legal alternatives to prevent more people from illegally downloading content, and Bundles could be their saving grace.