BioShock On iOS Lands With A Hefty Price Tag In Tow

Delivering on its promise, 2K Games has unleashed the critically acclaimed original BioShock game for iOS. This mobile port will allow non-PC, non-console mobile gamers to experience the game for themselves right on their iPhone or iPad. That is, if they can accept the price tag that comes quite close to the PC version.

BioShock was a rather pleasant surprise when it launched. Touted as a spiritual successor to the much-loved classic System Shock, the game goes beyond the conventional tropes of a first person shooter and adds elements like meaningful choices with consequences, usable environments, drug-induced superpowers, and a gripping storyline, putting the title up as one of the more notable games of late.

The iOS port brings all of Rapture into your smartphone or tablet and 2K has tried to stay true to the original game as much as it can. In terms of content, that might not be difficult to pull off. But being a mobile game, there are expected compromises to be made. The most evident would be reduced quality in graphics, considering a mobile device has less resources to spend compared to a PC gaming rig. Next would be the controls, as you will only have a screen to interact with, instead of a keyboard and a mouse or a game pad.

BioShock for iOS only works with the most recent generation of Apple's devices, namely the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5. Anything other than those will be out of luck. And unlike most mobile games, this one costs a pricey $14.99, which sounds a bit too high but seems to be a common figure for mobile ports of popular PC titles, especially when you consider that BioShock on Steam is only $5 higher. That said, if you've never owned the game or won't have the chance to play it on a PC or console, this title might be worth adding to your wishlist.

Download: BioShock on iTunes App Store