The original BioShock ported to iOS - coming this summer

2K Games is set to release the original BioShock on iOS. The port of the popular "old" game will be playable on iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, and current generation iPhones (5S and 5C). 2K shared that the game will be a verbatim (or close) experience to the console or PC version except for the controller environment – as it will have to rely on touch-optimized controls.

While 2K Games tried its best to create the same rendering output, you might experience fewer details on graphics such as dynamic shadows. I enjoyed the game seven years ago and having fewer GFX details wouldn't make it less nostalgic.

Don't expect this game to cost on the low end of most iOS games (ie. $0.99) as this is considered a premium game – while no official note on pricing yet, we would probably see it in a range of $5.99 to $9.99. 2K Games is targeting this summer for its release time frame.