BioShock game series gets Xbox One backward compatibility

The BioShock game series is now supported by Xbox One backward compatibility, it has been announced, enabling gamers to play the beloved series without having to buy the new BioShock remastered collection. The announcement was made today by Xbox's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb, and the games are already listed as supported in the official Xbox One backward compatibility game list.

With Xbox One backward compatibility, gamers using Microsoft's latest-generation console are able to play older Xbox 360 games. The company has been steadily increasing the number of games with backward compatibility support, and the list now sits at more than 300 titles. BioShock has long been requested by Xbox One owners, and once the BioShock remastered collection was announced, it seemed backwards compatibility would never arrive.

Though the remastered collection obviously has its own appeal (those sweet enhanced graphics), there's a benefit to having backward compatibility: you can pick up an older used disc for cheap, or use the older game disc you already own. The support covers BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. You can view the full list of Xbox One backward compatible games here.

This gives the Xbox One yet another level of appeal, though it should be noted that PlayStation 4 owners also had access to the BioShock series before the remastered edition launched. All three games are available via a PlayStation Vue subscription, which gives gamers access to streaming games. That itself poses some limitations, though: in addition to a suitable Internet connection, you'll also have to renew your subscription each month to retain your access to the titles.

SOURCE: Major Nelson