Bionic Eye AR app for iPhone 3GS [Video]

It's not quite as exciting as a motorized head-up display, but Bionic Eye for the iPhone 3GS does at least save you from squeezing into some Lycra and leaping aboard the nearest push-bike.  Currently available in the App Store, Bionic Eye is another augmented reality (AR) app which overlays information about the immediate environment onto a real-time camera view.  In this case, it uses a POI database including restaurants, WiFi hotspots, subway stations and more.Video demo after the cut

The POI database currently covers US cities, together with the UK, France and Tokyo, and they claim to have over 100,000 different entries.  In fact the app will also work with the previous-gen iPhone models, together with the iPod touch, but since they lack the digital compass you'll only get a Google Maps layout, rather than the AR.

On-screen, Bionic Eye shows any POIs from a selected category within 1km, rotating as you move around the streets; one tap, and you're into Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions.  If you point the iPhone 3GS down at the ground, you'll see a blue arrow with distance, direction and POI details.  You can download Bionic Eye now for $1 [iTunes link].

[via Twitter]