Bing Tags get a boost, are now publicly displayed

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 22, 2013
Bing Tags get a boost, are now publicly displayed

Bing Tags is a simple, yet rather convenient method to tags friends in search, and starting today, the tags can now be made available to the Internet at large. Before being made publicly available, the tagged individual must approve the tag, at which point it will show up in search results. The system utilizes Facebook, but allows tagging on any search result for the public to see.

Bing Tags is easy to use; after connecting with Facebook, users can tag their friends in various search results. For example, let’s say friend John Smith is featured in a recently published article. One of John’s friends can Bing Tag him on the link. Once tagged, he’ll receive a notification to approve it, and assuming he does, it will then be publicly available for the digital world.

Likewise, users can tag themselves in search results, allowing them to select a variety that best represent them in whatever way they wish to be represented. For example, an artist can tag himself in a variety of search results that feature his work, while a writer can tag herself in links to her published work. Social networking profiles, online resumes, and more can all be tagged.

This follows close on the heels of Microsoft’s January 17 announcement that Facebook content has been further integrated into Bing Search. By connecting to the search engine with Facebook, users can see relevant Facebook content from friends, including statuses, images, and tags, based on the search term used.

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