Bing grabs second spot in online video

Google is still the dominant player in search in the US by a wide margin. Google also serves up more online video views than anyone else thanks to YouTube. The only competition in the search and online video realm trends to come further back in the pack and the number two spot is at times hotly contested.

Bing finally beat Yahoo for the second place spot in global search, even though it was still far behind Google. The latest results from comScore for video mix shows that Bing is doing very well in online video too. Apparently, Bing grabbed the second place spot from Yahoo for video viewing in February 2011.

The numbers show that Google (thanks to YouTube) dominated with 141.1 million unique viewers to its video portal. People also spent the most average time using YouTube as well with almost 4.5 hours viewing video during the month. Microsoft racked up a comparably small 48.8 million viewers, but that was enough to put it ahead of Yahoo with 46.7 million viewers. Facebook was in almost a dead heat with Yahoo for the month. Hulu was way down the list with 27.2 million viewers.

[via PC World]