Bing beats Yahoo globally for first time

Shane McGlaun - Mar 2, 2011
Bing beats Yahoo globally for first time

The latest stats for search engine use have come in from metrics firm StatCounter. According to the firm, Bing has passed Yahoo globally in the number of users for the first time ever. The research firm has noted that Bing reached 4.37% of the global search market in February whereas Yahoo has 3.93% of the global search market.

Both are nothing compared to the gigantic portion of the global search market that Google enjoys. According to StatCoutner Google had 89.94% of the global search market for February. The results if you look at the US search market alone are a bit different. In the US Yahoo still has second place with 9.74% of the search market, Bing is third with 9.03% of the US market and Google has 79.63% of the market.

“It is significant that Bing overtook Yahoo! globally for the first time on a monthly basis but it remains a tough battle to claw back Google’s market share,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “Although Google dipped below the 90% mark in February worldwide for the first time since August 2009 it shows little sign of losing its global dominance any time soon.”

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