Bill Nye Saves the World arrives on Netflix in April

Back in August, we heard that Bill Nye would be teaming up with Netflix to produce a new, science-focused show. '90s kids, remembering countless hours in science class watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, were immediately excited for this new premiere, but at the time of the announcement, Netflix was painfully short on details. All we were told is that the new series, called Bill Nye Saves the World, would launch sometime in 2017.Netflix is back today with more information, offering up not only a premiere date, but also a trailer for the show. Netflix revealed today that Bill Nye Saves the World will go live on April 21. As is Netflix tradition, all six episodes will be available at the same time, allowing you the binge the entire first season.

At least, we hope this is the first season and not the entire series. Netflix hasn't really specified if it would like Bill Nye Saves the World to become an ongoing show or if it considers it something more of a miniseries. In any case, we know we're getting at least six episodes, and that's six more episodes than any of us expected.

We can probably look forward to a more adult-oriented, politically charged show than Bill Nye the Science Guy was. The trailer you see posted here runs down a list of guests who will appear on the show, along with the topics Bill Nye will cover. Some of the more controversial topics he'll discuss on the show include global warming, GMOs, and alternative medicine, and if you've seen him speak on any of those in the past, it isn't hard to imagine where he falls on the others.

Laboratory demonstrations seem to be a fairly significant part of the show too, perhaps as a throwback to classic Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes. We'll see if Bill Nye has lost any bit of his TV touch in the years since Bill Nye the Science Guy ended when this new show premieres on April 21. In the meantime, head down to the comments section and let us know if you'll be watching.