Bill Gates Shows Off His 80-Inch Perceptive Pixel Display

Bill Gates conducted a Reddit AmA today (Ask me Anything) to talk about developments with his charity, as well as answer question on his past as Microsoft CEO. Gates provided a ton of insight on his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the progress its making towards providing vaccines for various illnesses. However, when asked what devices he uses, he decided to snap a quick photo of his Perceptive Pixel 80-inch touchscreen, for which he actually used for his AmA.

Of course, Microsoft bought Perceptive Pixel over the summer last year, so it makes sense that Gates is technically using a Microsoft Product, considering how loyal he is with the company. The former CEO is also using a new Surface Pro tablet, which he received "a week ago," meaning that he got his personal unit before anyone else.

Gates also noted that these big-screen Perceptive Pixels "will come down in price over time and be pervasive," according to his own predictions. Of course, we'd love to see that happen, and hopefully we'll see these things in more homes as the years pass, but for now, it looks like Gates will be stealing all of the big touchscreen glory.

Other than that, Gates answered a ton of questions, and while most of them were about his philanthropy work, he did discuss what he thought the future would hold as far as technology was concerned. Gates says that "robots, pervasive screens, and speech interaction" are some of the emerging technologies he thinks will create a lot of buzz within the next few years.