Bill Gates heads back to Reddit for AMA

This morning Bill Gates will be heading toward Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" session that will include users from around the world and anyone and everyone that wishes to participate. Showing up in some extreme style right from the get-go, Gates let the world know he was going to hit Reddit with an image on Twitter that showed one massive Alien helping him hold up his confirmation sign. A confirmation such as this is required for a user – any user – to create a long-lasting "AMA" session.

Microsoft's founder will be answering questions about anything and everything, coming in for a second time to the "front page of the internet" Reddit with suggestions for questions. Gates suggests that he'll answer questions about everything from philanthropy to technology as well as "how to lose a chess match in less than 90 seconds). This AMA session is also centered around Gates' continued work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with Bill pointing toward his 2014 Gates Annual Letter where the following simple video is included.

Gates has also included a video of the world's best chess player facing off against himself, losing in one minute and 19 seconds. This video should prove – in short form – that there are many different kinds of intelligences in the world, and that you don't have to be extremely rich to be extremely good at chess.

The question and answer session taking place today will begin at 10AM PST – that's about 20 minutes away from when this article is originally posted. We'll be following along too, so please feel free to speak up if you find Gates saying anything of particular interest!

UPDATE: Gates also added a "three questions about myths" in preparation for his AMA. This video shows – in some extremely entertaining stop-motion paper action – several questions he gets asked quite often. Have a peek!