Bill and Ted movie trailer revealed: Epic save?

Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music, is a movie that'll be released this summer. It's going to build on the original two Bill & Ted movies, asking that fans remember the plot of the first two movies before they drop in and figure out what's happening in the third. Here, apparently, Bill and Ted need to fulfill their destiny – the one where they create a rock and roll hit that's so epic, it'll save the entire world from its own self-destruction.

In the mix we've got Keanu Reeves as Ted (Theodore) Logan, and Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston. We've got a few other actors returning to their original roles, too – like William Sadler, who'll reprise his role as DEATH! Hal Landon Jr. will reprise his role from the first two movies as Captain Logan (aka Dad). Amy Stoch will return as Missy (aka Mom).

You'll also see Kid Cudi – who'll play himself, and SNL comedian Beck Bennett will play the part of Deacon Logan, the younger brother of Theodore. You'll find Holland Taylor in this trailer as The Great Leader, and you might spot Anthony Carrigan, Erinn Hayes as Princess Elizabeth, Jillian Bell as Dr. Taylor Wood, and no less than Kristen Schall playing the role of Kelly.

This movie's also rolling with Al Vicente as "Lead Scientist" as well as William E. Harris playing the role of George Washington. Billy Slaughter's in the movie, as well as Nicolas Bosc, who'll play a caveman.

The trailer doesn't pull any punches about the time that's passed since the last film. It's all about how in the past 25 years, Bill & Ted not only failed to fulfill their task to Unite The World and Save Reality As We Know It, they really never surpassed the greatness of their once-great musical careers. Now it's time to make that happen – with... that time traveling phone booth, of course!

It would still...seem like this movie will be released in August of 2020... in theaters... but we're not entirely certain at the moment. Given rules with social distancing and the fact that COVID-19 does not yet have a vaccine in production... we'll just see.