Biggest iPhone ever tipped with super fancy focus

Apple's newest collection of iPhone devices includes a highest-end set of improvements to camera power. The most expensive iPhone will, according to an analyst note this week, include improvements to the way in which the device is able to focus. It'll be smarter, and it'll be more accurate. This will be ideal for when you need to capture your millionth photo of a sleeping cat for your latest week of quarantine.

According to an investor note from Ming-Chi Kuo via MacRumors today, the analyst said the highest-end iPhone for 2020 will work with sensor-shift image stabilization. The current iPhone Max Pro (iPhone 11 Max Pro) works with OIS when using Wide or Telephoto lenses. The updated sensor-shift image stabilization would work independent of any specific lens.

Kuo also noted that a Periscope Lens may head to one or more iPhone model in the 2022 season. So... far enough out that there's a distinct possibility that plans could change. This periscope lens would allow 5x optical zoom – far greater than that of the 2x max optical zoom allowed by the highest-end iPhone today.

The iPhone set for 2020 will likely include four models. The model with improvements to its camera mentioned in an analyst note today is likely set to be called iPhone 12 Max Pro. Given the pricing structures of the iPhone in the last couple of years, there's little doubt that this highest-end model will cost well over $1000 USD.

Current pricing for the iPhone 11 Pro is around $999 USD, while pricing for the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $1099 USD. The iPhone 12 Max Pro will likely sport a 6.7-inch display, larger than the 6.5-inch display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 has a 5.8-inch display, the iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch display, and the iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch display. It's likely Apple's collection of iPhones will continue to move display sizes upward – the iPhone 8 may be the last sub-5-inch display in the iPhone universe – but we'll see!