Big Blue Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

There's something magical about a tiny wireless Bluetooth speaker – and with Big Blue's Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker you've got not just the magic, but the simple function as well. There's nothing you need to purchase other than the one device, no apps, no wires, and you'll have it working in under 5 minutes right out of the box. Have a peek at how quick we got it working and listen in for some high quality audio as well.

This device is one of those high-quality devices you'll find at Brookstone, a store that's got no lack of awesome devices that you never knew you needed. The Big Blue line of speakers fits in perfectly with the rest of the "oh man that's neat" line at Brookstone not just because it sounds good, not just because it connects in a matter of minutes like all good Bluetooth devices should, but because the whole unit just looks nice. I promise I'll give you some drawbacks before this review is done – but for now, it's time to enjoy.

As you can see in the video above, once I figured out that I literally had to take the wrappings off the device, it was only a matter of holding down the power button until the right lights flashed, heading to the smartphone (here an HTC One S) and paring up. From there on out, it's just a matter of picking the right tunes to play. As it turned out today, that music was none other than the Beastie Boys. You'll see Shake Your Rump and a couple of bits from other songs tossed out there as well.

The sound quality on this speaker is surprisingly good. I say surprisingly good because it's not often that a speaker connected via Bluetooth sends out the sound quality that this device does. The bass is heavy, the high end is sharp as it needs to be, and the whole sound can get really REALLY loud. This little monster could easily be your primary speaker at a college house party.

You're going to want to weigh the cost against the quality since this little blue-eyed beast will cost you a cool $99.99 from Brookstone's online store, but given the quality you're not going to find essentially any other speaker with as complete a package at that price as this. The device is light, fits in your backpack, and sounds like its a boombox about 10 times the size that it really is. Check out the rest of the Bluetooth speakers we've reviewed recently in the timeline below and see if you can find a higher quality speaker in this tiny a package – I challenge you!