Beware the Wii-wielded robot!

Of all the WiiMote hacks I've seen, I think I like this the most.  Using, as the best modders do, the parts they had to hand, Aaron Rasmussen and his friend Brian managed to rig up a system of controlling a Kuka KR16 industrial robot arm via movements of the Wii controller.  And, being mischievous, they then gave it a sword to swing.

Interfacing via a Dell laptop and some home-rolled (and by their own admission grotty) code, they managed to turn the KR16 into a tennis player and a swordsman, without even severing any limbs or losing an eye.  Apparently the arm is capable of moving 16kg of load at full speed and accuracy, so they soon realised that it would be a good idea to stand out of reach.

Another picture and a video of it in action after the cut.

WiiBot [via Hack A Day]