Better Mousetrap design packs 102lbs of strike force [Video]

Taking old ideas and making them better – or at least shinier and more entertainingly complex – is the geek creed, and with that in mind we have quiet admiration for Jake Easton's "Better Mousetrap".  Powered by compressed air and triggered by motion sensors, the polished pest control box isn't, Easton concurs, as simplistic in its design as an original trap, but it's "a lot more fun to watch".Video demo after the cut

Inside the 0.25-inch thick hand-crafted aluminum case lurk the various solenoids, valves and electronics, and the whole thing tips the scales at 5.5lbs.  To be honest you could probably do more damage to vermin by throwing it at them, but then that's not taking advantage of the 60psi of pressure on tap.

At just 40psi, the trap snaps shut with 102lbs of strike force, once you've armed it and withdrawn all fingers to a safe distance of course.  Those of you who hold a special place in their hearts for small toy mice should probably not watch the following video.