Bethesda's The Evil Within gets horror on lock

With the release of the first teaser for "The Evil Within", we're seeing what could very well be the biggest contender for the Resident Evil collection of monster-filled games in the history of video games. If Bethesda aimed to show their prowess with a vision of barely-visible bits and pieces, they've done so here with flying colors. The developers teased this title earlier this week with a miniature Vine video as well.

In this trailer you'll see what's essentially a terror only seen previously in films such as Hellraiser. Bloody monstrosities emerging from the muck-like blood of the innocent. Spiked wires wrapped around the wrists of the decrepit death-spawn of the most evil pits of darkness our eyes are allowed to see. Stuff like that – you know?

If you're the type to freak out at the sight of quick flickering images of massacred flesh, we don't recommend you see the video above. If you're all about a gaming experience that'll take you to a new universe of pain, please feel free to join in on the fun! You'll be glad to know that you'll experience such eye-pain as you've ever before seen!

This game is directed by no less than Shinji Mikami, the man behind the Resident Evil series – imagine that! You'll find that this game will be bringing on a whole new era of exhilaration and flip-outs on your part, and we're expecting to see some real gameplay sooner than later. Unless, of course, what we're seeing here comes straight from the game. You never know!

[via IGN]