Best Buy Xbox Series X and S restock could reward the lucky

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Those of you looking to hop aboard the Xbox Series X|S train might find some luck in doing so today at Best Buy. In addition to restocking the PlayStation 5, the retailer also seems to have some Xbox Series X|S stock available as well, though at the time of this writing, listings for both consoles seem to be flickering in and out of stock.

Still, it isn't often that we see the "Add to Cart" button illuminated on one of these listings, and that's what we've seen this afternoon at Best Buy. Yesterday, Walmart had some Xbox Series X stock to sell, so it seems that numerous retailers are receiving restocks of various next-gen consoles this week.

In particular, it seems that the Xbox Series S might be the more readily available console at the moment, though as always, Best Buy's website seems to be suffering from an excess of traffic right now. That isn't shocking in the least, because not only are potential Xbox buyers streaming in, but the site is also selling PS5 at the moment too.

It's possible that what we're seeing happen with Best Buy stock right now is the result of cancelled orders from a restock earlier this afternoon. Indeed, we've encouraged people to hang around retailer websites for awhile after a stock drop happens, because oftentimes retailers will relist consoles from orders that didn't complete earlier in the day.

Whatever the reason, those of you looking to get your hands on an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S should definitely have a look at Best Buy this afternoon. We'll let you know when other retailers announce new restocks for the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5, so stay tuned for more.