Best Buy Unveils Its Own Cloud Music Service

With Amazon, Google, and Apple full steam ahead with cloud music services and likely to dominate the highly competitive arena, its quite a bold move for Best Buy to jump in with a "me too." Best Buy certainly isn't one to shy away from uphill battles and has announced today its own Best Buy Music Cloud that attempts to combine some of the best features from the other cloud services.

Best Buy has already done a soft-launch of their Cloud Music service, meaning it's still a bit buggy and limited in features. It works more like a digital music locker similar to what's offered by Amazon and Google. But unlike Amazon's version which lets you transfer into cloud storage any new music you purchase from Amazon's music store, the Best Buy Cloud Music does not connect to a music store whatsoever. And, it's only compatible with iTunes music libraries.

Best Buy's Music Cloud also requires users to download a desktop app in order to work. It is powered by Catch Media, which also supplies a "Play Anywhere" service that lets users playback music even while offline.

However, pricing details have not been confirmed yet and the current offering is simply a free demo version that lets users listen to 30-second clips of their own music. To listen to the entire songs and to use the mobile app, it costs $3.99 per month for the premium package. But there's no details on storage limits for either the free or premium packages.

Given the many options you now have with cloud music, would you give Best Buy's version a try? You can sign up here.

[via PhoneArena]