Best Buy launches CinemaNow beta, rips DVDs to the cloud

For most users, ripping DVDs is a simple, straightforward, and easy to accomplish task. For those unwilling to rip their own DVDs, whether due to legal concerns or a simple inability to, Best Buy has launched the beta of its Disc to Digital CinemaNow service. The discs will be ripped to digital image files and uploaded to the user's CinemaNow Library.

Users will need to create an account, which is free, and add UltraViolet, which is part of the service and where the videos are uploaded. DVDs can be converted to either standard-definition or high-definition, whichever is preferred. Obviously, the high-definition videos will have a larger file size than the standard-definition files.

Once converted, it will automatically be added to both UltraViolet and the CinemaNow library. Users can access the ripped videos via both using apps that support the services. Users can use an iPad, for example, to watch their movies, which have been ripped and uploaded to the cloud. Hundreds of titles can be ripped using the service; you can see the full list here.

The list of titles that can be ripped using the service is being slowly expanded, so if a movie you want to convert isn't supported yet, be sure to check back in the near future. The computer software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Android and iOS apps are available for use with UltraViolet and CinemaNow.

[via CinemaNow]