Best Buy holds event for female gamers – chance for a free Wii

Abby McVay - Mar 28, 2008

For any female gamers who feel like they aren’t getting nearly enough attention, Best Buy is holding an event just for the girls. Not only do you get to hang out and play some games and prove once and for all female gamers do exist, but you also get the chance to win some prizes as well.

If you haven’t gotten a Wii yet you’ll have the chance to win one then, as well as a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit or one of six spa gift cards. There will also be a few money-saving offers as well, but frankly, nothing would save more money than just handing over a Wii.

It will be this Sunday, March 30th, from 1-4 p.m. at select Best Buy stores. Notice the select part about that statement, they really mean that. Indiana got one Best Buy and it’s friggin Greenwood. Are you serious? Someone please find the guy that picked the stores and beat him. At least go for, Indianapolis or a college town, something. I pray for everyone else’s sake that this issue does not spread all across the nation.

[via gaygamer]

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