Best Buy drops price on all MacBook Air models for weekend promotion

Eric Abent - Jan 25, 2013, 1:29pm CST
Best Buy drops price on all MacBook Air models for weekend promotion

We’ve got some good news for those who have been wanting a MacBook Air but find the higher price tag a little difficult to swallow, as Best Buy has discounted all MacBook Air models in a weekend promotion. All four MacBook Air models have seen their prices cut by $200, which should make an Air purchase a little more manageable for some folks. The only thing is that this promotion requires you to make your purchasing decisions quickly, because the deals are only good through Saturday (which is tomorrow, in case you’ve lost track of time).

Of course, with these lower price tags, there’s a chance that some models will sell out before the promotion comes to a close, in which case you’ll simply be out of luck. That $200 discount brings the 11.6-inch Airs with 64GB and 128GB of storage down to $799 and $899, respectively. Those prices aren’t too bad, but if you’re looking for a MacBook Air with a bit more to offer, the 13.3-inch model with 128GB of storage has come down to $999. Finally, the 13.3-inch model with 256GB of storage is at $1,299 during this promotion.

To make the deal sweeter, Best Buy is also offering free shipping on these MacBook Airs. Expect more than a few people to take advantage of these deals, and indeed, we’re already seeing some restrictions on the $799 11.6-inch MacBooks Airs. Though they don’t appear to be sold out yet, Best Buy is no longer offering to ship them, meaning that you’ll have to pick yours up in store if you order one.

Earlier this week, Apple delivered its financial report for its fiscal Q1 2013. Though things looked solid for the most part with Apple declaring record iPhone and iPad sales, the company’s stock has taken some hits since the report was released. Are you planning on picking up one of these MacBook Airs during Best Buy’s promotion?

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