Best Buy Connect Service Inks Deal with Clearwire to Offer 4G

Just over a month ago, we told you that Clearwire had their sights set on installing WiMAX modems into a bunch of Intel Core-based notebooks, which would then subsequently be sold through Best Buy some time by the holiday shopping season. Even as the report hit the 'net, there were still plenty of questions. Primarily, was this a one time thing, or would a new deal come from the situation? It looks like we have our answer, as Best Buy and Clear have just made it possible for the two to work closely together to bring 4G service to people.

Best Buy's Connect service just debuted a few weeks ago, and now it's time for the service to put their foot forward and start doing some good. Unfortunately, you'll be at the mercy of Best Buy's Connect service, which is only available in "dozens of cities," but the major electronics retailer affirms that the service will be rolling out to other cities through the coming months.

The deal will allow for a new 4G-based tier through the Connect service, but the companies said it won't be ready for prime time until 2011. So, that holiday roll out of those 4G-capable notebooks still seems like the best way, at least in the short-term future, to get your WiMAX on.

[via CNET]