BeoVision 11 is Bang & Olufsen's first Smart TV

Bang & Olufsen has launched its first smart TV, the BeoVision 11, up to 55-inches of media-streaming LCD pleasure clad in the Danish company's typically minimalistic design. Available in 40-, 46-, and 55-inch sizes, all running at Full HD 1080p resolution, the BeoVision 11 throws in Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter apps, as well as streaming content from various country-specific providers, along with a full web browser.

That works best, B&O suggests, with its free tablet app, BeoRemote: that turns your iPad or Android slate into a trackpad and keyboard. However, the TV works with the included remote too, along with B&O's Beo4 and Beo6 models, and can be linked in with a whole-house B&O MasterLink system.

There's DLNA with both WiFi and wired ethernet, along with two USB  ports for hooking up local storage for media playback; you also get six HDMI inputs, and some markets will have an integrated 500GB hard-drive for PVR duties too (paired with twin tuners). In Europe, the BeoVision 11 will support the HbbTV standard, for EPGs, catch-up TV, interactive advertising, personalisation, voting, gaming, and social networking, though exactly what services will be offered will depend on the broadcasters themselves.

3D is supported, with active-shutter glasses, and all of B&O's usual fancy features are present: a light sensor adjusts the picture according to the ambient conditions of the room; electronic curtains pull apart when you turn the TV on (to add a sense of occasion); and there's even a nook inside the cabinet which can accommodate an Apple TV. As for audio, there are six integrated speakers in the BeoVision 11, each with a 32W digital amp.

A new motorized wall-mount can be adjusted from the remote – angling the BeoVision 11 at up to 90-degrees in either direction – or there's a motorized floor stand, a manual wall-mount, or an easel stand. Various colors of speaker grill fabric are available too.

As you might expect, the BeoVision 11 doesn't come cheap. Expect to pay €5,995 ($7,748) for the 40-inch model.