BenQ Releases S1420 Orange Anti-Shake Handheld Camera

Also they have some models who love their product so much, they put the logo on their skin. BenQ must be really, really awesome. They've released a new camera: S1420, a lovely orange-only addition to their S-series. This S1420 camera has a whopping 14 megapixels to its name, but its main selling point is it's Optical Image Stabilizer, a powerful blurry shot preventer indeed. It also features a 26mm wide-angle lens, 5x optical zoom, and HDR II image enhancement technology that "helps keep colors true to life," even in high contrast situations.

This camera has a giant 3.0" LCD screen and comes equipped with filters such as LOMO, Fisheye, and color accent. S1420 is capable of HD video capture, low-light image capture with its ISO 6400 exposure, and it's available in China and Asia Pacific this month, Latin America and Europe in January, and by the looks of it, North America NEVER. Check out the press release below:

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, December 6, 2010 – BenQ announced the expansion of its S-series digital camera lineup today with the 14 Megapixels S1420 digital camera. Stylishly encased in a vibrant orange-coloured metallic casing, the S1420 is designed for those who pursue high image quality whilst also values compact and mobility of their cool camera.

The O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) feature on S1420 prevents blur on shots and it is the most powerful technology for anti-shake. This amazing feature works automatically and compensates for unintended camera movements or slow shutter speeds to deliver crisply rendered, sharp and crystal clear images which without might ruin an otherwise perfect shot.

S1420 is the ideal camera companion with the flawless combination of the 26mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom. The wide-angle lens give allows expanded field of view needed for group shots, ensuring everyone is in frame even in a close-up shot whilst the powerful zoom makes it possible to capture detailed photos even when the subjects are of a distance.

BenQ's HDR II image enhancement technology is a magical feature that lets users get great shots of high-contrast scenes that are usually so difficult to photograph well. HDR II depicts the scenes in the photograph exactly how it is seen by the eye, with all the details in both dark and bright areas intact. Furthermore, HDR II allows previews on the bright 3.0" LCD with HDR applied, so users know exactly what kind of shots they will be taking.

BenQ's S1420 comes bundled with a full range of creative shooting modes which includes "LOMO", "Fisheye" and "Color accent". The "LOMO" adds effects like dark-corners, off-kilter exposure, and over-saturated colors to snapshots turning the photographs into gallery-worthy artworks. Apply the "Fisheye Lens" to get a wide-angle hemispherical view of the photographic subjects, adding a new source of fun and intriguing creative possibilities to photos. The "Color accent" effect allows users to keep one selected color in the photo whilst having the rest converted into black and white, heightening the ambiance and imbuing the photographs with mood and personality.

When even a great photograph cannot capture the action desired, S1420's 720p HD movie recording capability comes into play, allowing users to record the actions in crisply detailed, brilliant and vivid HD videos. The highlights of one's life can now be preserved in big, beautiful movies.

S1420's highly sensitive sensor can take realistic-looking, detailed photographs in a low light scene. An ISO 6400 exposure index ensures that photographs in a dance-club or a romantic candle-lit restaurant are not compromised.

BenQ's vibrant orange-coloured S1420 will be available in China and Asia Pacific in December, Latin America and Europe in January 2011. For more information, please visit

[Via Akihabara News]