Belkin Wemo Switches get Nest integration

Belkin's Wemo now works with Nest, with the company announcing Works with Nest integration this morning. What's this mean for you? If you have the Nest thermostat and one or more Wemo switches, such as a Wemo Insight Switch or Light Switch, they'll now work together, making for a more integrated (and thusly capable and efficient) home.

With this integration, any Wemo Switches in the home can utilize Nest's Home/Away feature; when Nest detects you're away, a device connected to a Wemo Switch will turn off; when you get back home, the device will turn back on. The integration also allows for some Nest thermostat control through Belkin's Wemo app, such as controlling that home/away feature, seeing the Nest temperature, and more.

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The integration enables creativity when setting up one's home system. For example, a porch light with a Wemo Switch can be set up to turn on when Nest detects that you're away, giving the impression that you're home. As well, you can set certain lights to turn on and off when you're home or away, such as having most lights shut off to save energy but having the entryway light turn on so you can see when you get home.

As of now, this Works with Nest integration applies to the Wemo Switch, Wemo Insight Switch, Wemo Light Switch, and Wemo Maker. The Nest support arrives in the Wemo app with version 1.15 for Android and iOS, which will be available today in the respective app stores.