Belkin USB-C keyboard is made for Chrome OS, Chromebook Tablets

Belkin made one of the first USB-C keyboards in the universe, and today they've revealed it to the world. This isn't the FIRST USB-C keyboard in the world, but it's easily set to be one of the best-selling. That's because Belkin is a go-to brand for accessories, and given the relative lack of Chrome OS-centric accessories in the world today, Belkin might well be in a great position here to get a real stack of cash.

There's a real unique corner of the universe in which Chrome OS is more than just an internet-centric OS. That's the classroom, and with Google's efforts to bring Chromebooks to classrooms, the company's truly taken a real crack at bringing kids into the cloud as early as possible. Belkin's got two devices today that'll fill a niche within a niche.

One is the Wired Tablet Keyboard for Chrome OS with USB-C connector. that's a keyboard that connects with a USB-C cord, aimed at schools, available soon for $40 a pop. This keyboard is just about as simple as it gets – with Chrome OS in mind. As Belkin writes, this keyboard features the following:

• Works with Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and other compatible USB-C devices

• Designed for classroom use

• Securely connects directly to USB-C tablet

• SBAC and PARCC testing compliant

• No batteries or charging required

• Durable and lightweight construction

• No additional software required

If I were you, and I were looking for a USB-C keyboard for my non-Chrome device, I wouldn't get this one. I'd consider the Macally UCKEYE Wired USB-C Keyboard – though I've not PERSONALLY tried this keyboard myself. Check the reviews – maybe just get a Logitech model? Or do what's right and get yourself a USB/USB-C converter plug and get yourself the real nice keyboard of your choice.

There's another device coming from Belkin, real similar to that of the first device. This is the Wired Tablet Keyboard with Stand for Chrome OS with USB-C connection – that's $50. So that's $10 extra for a piece of plastic that holds your Chrome OS tablet up. Or just buy an ASUS Chromebook Flip and get busy.