Belkin Powerline AV - Ethernet over power at 200Mb/s

Belkin is about to put a 200Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor in the market. The Powerline AV+ uses an integrated hub to share the connection between the three devices plugged in. These three ports however are not gigabit ports, they are 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet ports.

The AV+ Starter Kit will consist of a single port adapter to connect to the main router connection and the three-port adapter to connect to your devices. Belkin will also sell a single port kit, the AV Starter Kit.

Belkin plans to put AV+ on the retail market by October in US and Europe. The AV+ Starter Kit will cost $179.99 and the AV Pack will cost $149.99.

[via gearlog]