Belkin makes ad-hoc networking simple with Wireless-USB

Chris Davies - Jul 19, 2007

Ad-hoc networking two computers together has undoubtedly gotten easier since I tried – and failed – to use a serial cable to do it many years ago, but anything that makes it foolproof has to be appreciated.  Belkin’s latest range of Wireless USB accessories might just manage that; while their range so far has concentrated on removing the cable between PC and peripherals thanks to a WUSB hub, these dongles should be a plug & play way to quickly link two computers.


Belkin Wireless USB 

Interoperability with future WUSB products indicates compliance with the standard’s certification, and that means it’s likely that you could also access the WUSB accessory hub being used with another PC.  Wireless range isn’t specified, but the 30ft standard (at 480Mbps) of other products is a likely figure.

Expect the F5U035 to drop for around $179.99

Belkin [via Everything USB]

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