Behold: One Chart, Every Sci-Fi Spaceship

This week designer/artist Dirk Loechel has been tapped by the viral web for his massive chart collecting every ship in the sci-fi multiverse. For those of you looking for your favorite massive non-spaceship craft, the Death Star, stop looking: it's not there. This chart collects every ship between 100 meters and 24,000 meters only.

There's no Tardis, either – it's too big AND too small. There is one real-world craft in here that you'll want to check out directly – right up on the top to the left inside a yellow rectangle is the International Space Station (ISS) – approximately 100 meters at its longest.

Above: Just a glimpse. The full image is 4268 × 5690 pixels large.

This project is a collective of illustrations from a wide variety of artists. As such, Loechel will not be collecting any cash from it. He has suggested that you take it and print it out yourself for your own enjoyment, on the other hand. Watch out for the cost of black ink if you do.

Here you'll see a set of key points from various universes – for the full-sized image you'll have to head back to Loechel's page on DeviantArt.

Let us know if you've noticed any ships missing or any that you didn't realize were so massive. Or so tiny!