Beatles Music Debut Is Apple's iTunes Announcement?

Apple's iTunes announcement "you'll never forget" today is the debut of the Beatles catalog to the music service, according to the WSJ's sources. The move has, people familiar with the situation claim, been in part prompted by label EMI's ongoing financial woes; despite the age of the music, the recordings are still a significant franchise in EMI's catalog.

If true, the launch is the conclusion of a legal spat that has continued since 1978, with arguments over brand and logo use. Terms of the deal have not been revealed, and the WSJ's sources are cautious to warn that Apple could change plans at the last minute.

Billboard, meanwhile, is suggesting that Apple plan on milking the acquisition for all they can get, predicting a Beatles-branded iPod, iPhone or even iPad complete with other digital content. They point to Steve Jobs particular love of the band for Apple's launch hyperbole.