Beat the traffic with your own personal rocket-pack

If, like me, the thought of public transport makes you shudder, then maybe you should consider splashing out $200,000 on Jetpack International's personal rocket-pack. Running on good old fashioned aviation fuel and with a flight-time of 19 minutes, that should be enough for a moderate commute into the office (which hopefully is an airport, since you'll need to refuel for the trip home at the end of the day).

Jetpack International estimate a range of 27 miles with a maximum altitude of 250ft. It's turbine powered, giving it greater range than the rocket-belt in the video above, and the sizable pricetag comes with a training session so you don't immediately splatter yourself against the nearest building. They're saying it'll go on sale December 11th.

Jetpack International [via OhGizmo!]